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Allergenic Molecule Found
The Search using the terms [ NEW ALLERGEN ] found 52 items out of 2564 entries in the Allergome Database
Allergenic Molecule NameIUISSourceLast UpdateCode
1New MoleculeAct d 28kD
Actinidia deliciosa, Actinidiaceae, Chinese Gooseberry, Green Kiwi, Plants, Yangtao2005-12-182821
2New MoleculeAde v RIP
Adenia volkensii, Drugs, Kilyambiti, Kinoria, Plants2005-11-062795
3New MoleculeAna l 1
Anarhichas lupus, Animals, Atlantic Wolffish, Fish2005-12-192825
4New MoleculeApi c 2
Animals, Apis cerana, Hymenoptera, Indian Honeybee, Insects, Oriental Honeybee2005-10-212793
5New MoleculeApi m A1-A2-A3
Animals, Apis mellifera, Honey Bee, Hymenoptera, Insects2005-10-072778
6New MoleculeBla g Trypsin
Animals, Blattella germanica, Cockroaches, German Cockroach2005-10-082779
7New MoleculeCas c 24kD
Castanea crenata, Japanese Chestnut, Kuri, Plants2005-08-222722
8New MoleculeClu h 1
Animals, Atlantic Herring, Clupea harengus, Fish2005-12-192827
9New MoleculeCor a Oleosin
Corylaceae, Corylus avellana, Fagales, Hazel, Plants2005-12-182819
10New MoleculeCry j 3.4
Cryptomeria japonica, Japanese Cedar, Plants, Sugi, Taxodiaceae2005-10-072775
11New MoleculeCry j 3.5
Cryptomeria japonica, Japanese Cedar, Plants, Sugi, Taxodiaceae2005-10-072776
12New MoleculeCry j 3.6
Cryptomeria japonica, Japanese Cedar, Plants, Sugi, Taxodiaceae2005-10-072777
13New MoleculeCry j 3.7
Cryptomeria japonica, Japanese Cedar, Plants, Sugi, Taxodiaceae2005-10-102789
14New MoleculeCyn d 11
Bermuda grass, Cynodon dactylon, Grasses, Plants, Poaceae2005-09-062755
15New MoleculeDia c RIP
Carnation, Clove pink, Dianthus caryophyllus, Drugs, Plants2005-11-062796
16New MoleculeFor t 1
Animals, Forcipomyia taiwana, Insects, Shiraki2005-11-062809
17New MoleculeFor t 2
Animals, Forcipomyia taiwana, Insects, Shiraki2005-11-062810
18New MoleculeFor t 3
Animals, Forcipomyia taiwana, Insects, Shiraki2005-11-062811
19New MoleculeFra a 30Fragaria ananassa, Plants, Strawberry2005-09-122760
20New MoleculeFra a 3.01010Fragaria ananassa, Plants, Strawberry2005-09-122761
21New MoleculeFra a 3.01020Fragaria ananassa, Plants, Strawberry2005-09-122762
22New MoleculeFra a 3.02010Fragaria ananassa, Plants, Strawberry2005-09-122763
23New MoleculeFra a 3.02020Fragaria ananassa, Plants, Strawberry2005-09-122764
24New MoleculeFra a 3.02030Fragaria ananassa, Plants, Strawberry2005-09-122765
25New MoleculeFra a 3.02040Fragaria ananassa, Plants, Strawberry2005-09-122766
26New MoleculeFra a 3.03010Fragaria ananassa, Plants, Strawberry2005-09-122767
27New MoleculeGel m RIP
Ban Naranga, Drugs, Euphorbiaceae Himalaya, Gelonium multiflorum, Plants2005-11-062798
28New MoleculeHip h 1
Animals, Fish, Halibut, Hippoglossus hippoglossus2005-12-192826
29New MoleculeMom c RIP
Balsam Pear, Bitter Gourd, Bitter Melon, Drugs, Momordica charantia, Mormordica charanti, Plants2005-11-062800
30New MoleculeOry s LTP
Grasses, Oryza sativa, Plants, Poaceae, Rice2005-10-092788
31New MoleculePat y Tropomyosin
Animals, Ezo Giant Scallop, Mizuhopecten yessoensis, Mollusks, Patinopecten yessoensi, Patinopecten yessoensis, Patiopecten yessoensis, Yesso Scallop2005-09-162769
32New MoleculePhl p 4.0101
Grasses, Phleum pratense, Plants, Poaceae, Timothy Grass2005-10-182782
33New MoleculePhl p 4.0201
Grasses, Phleum pratense, Plants, Poaceae, Timothy Grass2005-10-182783
34New MoleculePhy a RIP
American Pokeweed, Common Pokeberry, Common Pokeweed, Phytolacca americana, Plants, Red Stem Pokeweed, Virginian Pokeweed2005-11-062802
35New MoleculePla f 1
Animals, European Flounder, Fish, Platichthys flesus2005-12-192828
36New MoleculePla oc 1
Plants, Platanaceae, Platanus occidentalis2005-09-282771
37New MoleculePla or 1
Plants, Platanaceae, Platanus orientalis2005-09-282772
38New MoleculePla r 1
Plants, Platanaceae, Platanus racemosa2005-09-282773
39New MoleculeRic c RIP
Castor Bean, Plants, Ricinus communis2005-11-062803
40New MoleculeSap o RIP
Common Soapwort, Plants, Saponaria officinalis2005-11-062805
41New MoleculeSec c 4.0101
Grasses, Plants, Poaceae, Rye, Secale cereale2005-10-182784
42New MoleculeSec c 4.0201
Grasses, Plants, Poaceae, Rye, Secale cereale2005-10-182785
43New MoleculeThu a 1
Animals, Fish, Thunnus albacares, Tuna2005-12-192829
44New MoleculeTri a 4.0101
Grasses, Plants, Poaceae, Triticum aestivum, Wheat2005-10-182786
45New MoleculeTri a 4.0201
Grasses, Plants, Poaceae, Triticum aestivum, Wheat2005-10-182787
46New MoleculeTyr p alpha-Tubulin
Animals, Mites, Tyrophagus putrescentiae2005-12-182822
47New MoleculeVes f 2
Animals, Insects, Vespula flavopilosa, Wasp, Yellow Jacket2005-10-212792
48New MoleculeVes p 2
Animals, Hymenoptera, Insects, Vespula pensylvanica, Wasp, Yellow Jacket2005-10-212791
49New MoleculeVig r Profilin
Leguminosae, Mung Bean, Plants, Vigna radiata2005-08-282744
50New MoleculeVit v Profilin
Grape, Plants, Vitis vinifera2005-09-142768
51New MoleculeZea m 27kD Zein
Corn, Grasses, Maize, Plants, Poaceae, Zea mays2005-12-042780
52New MoleculeZea m 50kD Zein
Corn, Grasses, Maize, Plants, Poaceae, Zea mays2005-10-082781


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