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Allergenic Molecule Found
The Search using the terms [ NEW SOURCE ] found 4 items out of 2564 entries in the Allergome Database
Allergenic Molecule NameIUISSourceLast UpdateCode
1New MoleculeAllergenic Molecules Identified0Anarhichas lupus, Animals, Atlantic Wolffish, Fish2005-12-172824
2New MoleculeAllergenic Molecules Identified
Castanea crenata, Japanese Chestnut, Kuri, Plants [Tissue: Seed]2005-08-222721
3New MoleculeAllergenic Molecules Identified
Animals, Forcipomyia taiwana, Insects, Shiraki2005-11-062808
4New MoleculeAllergenic Molecules Identified0Animals, European Flounder, Fish, Platichthys flesus2005-12-172823


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